How to choose the best wine fridge for your wines?

My name is Gergana Nikolova, and I have been a professional Sommelier since 2012. I have been a professional wine writer since 2015 and have already published two books about wine.

The Lecavist range is inspired by underground cellars found in traditional French homes. This cool and humid environment is ideal for wine as it allows the flavours and aromas to develop over time. As a Sommelier I help my tasting with top quality Lecavist wine fridges at home and at my wine tasting room. New generation customers are young innovative and they choose quality instead of cheaper wine coolers. I am open for discussion and glass of wine as we learn from each other.

However, a wine cellar is difficult to build and maintain in a hot and sunny country like Australia. Thankfully, Lecavist's refrigeration technology provides Australian homes with precise cooling and protective features to enhance the wine-drinking experience.

LeCavist 168 bottle wine fridge

Nowadays, when the wine is an art and an incredible pleasure for clients. Quality wine glasses and special wine fridges are the most trended products for professionals and wine lovers. Knowing the proper wine temperature can give our marvellous grape liquid a touch of quality.

White wines with high acidity and refreshing aromas chilled to 6 C degrees will soften the acidity. And that will keep the flower influence longer as aromas and long mouth feeling.

Red wines with high tannins and forest fruits aromas will benefit if they cool down to 16C degrees. Harsh tannins will be smoother at lower temperatures and open extra floral and spices touch. I cannot imagine my life without a good-quality wine fridge. My top wine choice is Fine wines from Australia's most talented & highly regarded family-run & 'boutique' wineries. From classic to contemporary, fantastic quality & value.

As you know, grape varieties such as Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon make wines with high acidity and tannins. And if I need an extra bottle of amazing Australian Chardonnay can be everything from elegant and vibrant to rich and big-flavoured. You'll find it in oaked, unoaked and sparkling styles. The LeCavist range gives me an alternative to having red wine, OAK, and unoaked white wines in one wine fridge and even a special bottle of sparkling wine.

Bubbles are the best at 4C degrees, and with slight close aromas with drinking them slowly, you explore extra buttery and biscuit flavours. Elegant opening aromas are the best we can find in our wine tasting of good wines and especially bubbles.

Wine lovers are very knowledgeable clients, and we have to give them quality equipment with elegant style. Sommeliers are specialists looking for Essential Wine Accessories that make all our wines react amazingly and give us a better taste. You have to be aware that professional and even home wine fridges you choose must always be maintained by the company you buy from. I choose LeCavist because I usually have a minimum of fifteen-twenty bottles to try. If I want consistency, I will always select the wine fridge of LeCavist because it helps me easily approach all wines I taste. Cork loves consistent temperature and also screw capsules.

LeCavist wine fridge triple zones

If you keep your wine bottle STANDING, it will probably be useful only for DIam CORK. If you have your wine lay down, you will be happy with the taste next 10-20 years especially for red wines.  Good quality wine fridges can be in your kitchen, even when it is summer or when you have a heater in your kitchen.

The best quality wine fridges give us the security that we can keep our wine longer without any damage.

Selected crystal glasses, outstanding decanters and good fridges with the temperature and alarm display in case of higher temperatures will save your hobby. My top choice of wine fridge is amazing Lecavist 239 bottles with super elegant design , LED light super capacity, anti-vibration system

Lecavist 239 Bottle Professional Wine Fridge LCS300VX1ZPRO

LeCavist 239 Bottle Professional Wine Fridge LCS300VX1ZPRO

239 Bottle Capacity Perfect capacity for professional use.
Shelves & Anti-Vibration System
 14 telescopic shelves give a premium look and feel
and allowing maximum use of internal space for your
Double layer tempered glass
Protect your wine collection from harmful UV rays,
while keeping the interior insulated and moisture out
Precise Temperature & Humidity Control System
Digital LED display and intuitive digital control to
monitor and adjust for optimal temperature and humidity
with just a touch of your fingertips
LED back panel The led back panel can be customized In 3 different
Safety Lock, Charcoal filter will help cleaning the internal air. Safety
lock to protect your bottles.

 As a professional Sommelier, I always think of my bottles of wine as my babies, and I always try to give them all the care they need. That is easier with quality equipment and high-quality materials. Wine fridges with all safety managers will provide you with the comfort and quality experience you need for your ideal glass of wine.

Written by Margaret Mane

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