LECAVIST 185L Beverage Centre LE205BB

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Discover the ultimate beverage experience with LECAVIST BEVERAGE CENTRE. This state-of-the-art refrigeration unit features a self-closing door, dual doors, a tempered glass door, and a sleek black frame. The handle is crafted from PVC for durability, and the unit boasts a capacity of 185L.

At the heart of LECAVIST BEVERAGE CENTRE is digital controls, ensuring precise temperature regulation with fan cooling. The electronic regulation offers a digital display, making it easy to monitor and adjust settings. Plus, the winter function maintains optimal temperatures even in colder weather.

For security, a lock keeps unauthorized individuals at bay. Interior lighting is provided by LEDs with a DC 12V power source, ensuring bright and even illumination. The interior material is aluminum, chosen for its strength and durability.

To top it all off, the compressor incorporates an anti-vibration system, ensuring quiet operation and increased unit longevity. So why wait? Experience the ultimate beverage center with LECAVIST BEVERAGE CENTRE and enjoy all these features and more!



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• 185L fridge capacity
• Location Suitability: Indoor & Outdoor
• Free-standing or built-in installation
• Temperature range (2-8°C)
• Double layer tempered glass door
• LED temperature & light
• 4 adjustable shelves
• Lock
• Door hinged: 1 left & 1 right

Product Dimensions & Weight
• Outside: 865 (W) x 865 (H) x 520 (D) mm
• Weight: 50kg
Shipping Dimensions & Weight
• Dimensions: 905 (W) x 910 (H) x 580 (D) mm
• Weight: 54kg

Specification sheet

Optimal temperature management

LeCavist beverage cabinets maintain a stable temperature to keep your beverage in perfect conditions. You can choose from 2 to 8 C degrees to keep your beverages. It is designed to store beverages at your ideal temperature.

Adjustable shelves

LeCavist beverage coolers have four adjustable shelves, which can be adjusted to meet your needs and preferences.

Self-closing door

LeCavist beverage cooler come with the self-closing doors which ensure that temperature is maintained and cooling is not lost if someone opens the door to take an item out.

Internal air flow

LeCavist beverage coolers are equipped with an internal fan that helps to distribute the air flow evenly throughout the cabinet. This helps to ensure that all the beverages in the cabinet are kept at the right temperature and humidity levels.

Lock to keep your bottles safe

LeCavist beverage coolers have lockers installed. This feature allows you to store beverages securely, with the assurance that only you have access to them. A lock is integrated into the design and placed in the bottom-center of the door, giving it a sleek, elegant look.

Smart choice

LeCavist beverage cooler is an elegant stylish designed fridge with the ideal presentation and collection. LeCavist gives you perfect conditions for keeping your beverages at a stable temperature.