Linärie | Loire 106 Bottle Single Zone Retro Wine Fridge Green • LICV106GREEN

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• 201L fridge capacity
• 106 Bordeaux bottles capacity
• 5-20°C: Ideal for wine serving with a single temperature zone
• Adjustable digital LED temperature & humidity control system
• 4 beech wood shelves with all-round shock absorbers for reduced vibrations
• No frost system
• Sub-Tropical (SN/N/ST) rating
• Low-vibration compressor
• Quiet operation (42dB)
• Energy efficiency
• Suitable for freestanding
• 2 adjustable feet
• Door is not reversible
• UV-resistant tempered glass door

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Humidity & Temperature Control

Having humidity and temperature control on a Linärie wine fridge means that you can control the environment in the fridge to ensure that your wine is stored at the optimal temperature and humidity level. This can help to preserve the flavor, color, and aroma of the wine, as well as protecting the cork from drying out. It can also help to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

Internal air flow

An internal air flow in a Linärie wine fridge means that the fridge is designed with a system of fans and vents inside the unit that circulate air around the space. This helps to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the fridge, ensuring that all of your bottles are stored at the optimal temperature. This is especially important for white wines, which are more sensitive to fluctuations in temperature.

High quality beech wood

A Linärie wine fridge with sliding beech wood shelves is designed to absorb vibrations that can be caused by the compressor or other moving parts inside the fridge. The sliding shelves also provide an easy way to adjust the interior of the fridge to accommodate different sizes and types of wine bottles. The beech wood material is ideal for absorbing vibrations because of its strength and stability.

Impeccable design & high quality materials

Linärie wine fridges are known for their impeccable design and high quality materials. This means that each product is meticulously designed and constructed with only the best materials to ensure maximum performance and long-term durability. This ensures that the wine fridge will look beautiful and function properly for many years to come.It has eclectic color options with a smooth glossy finish that adds an elegant feel to match any kitchen design or concept.

UV Resistant & Tempered Glass door

Having a UV Resistant & Tempered Glass door on a Linärie wine fridge means that the glass has been treated to protect it from the damaging effects of ultraviolet light. The tempered glass also provides extra strength and safety, making it less likely to shatter if the fridge is dropped or knocked over. This is important for preserving the quality of your wines and protecting them from the harmful UV rays that can make them taste bad.

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