LECAVIST 105 Bottle Wine Fridge Dual Zone Black LKS105VX2Z

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Cooling zones: Dual zone
Bottle capacity: 105

Buy extra wooden shelf or wire shelf for it


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The 105 bottle wine fridge is mid-size service fridge cooled by shock absorbing, noise dampening compressor technology, so it can cool just as effectively as a regular fridge but with low noise and vibration.

Unlike the LKS105VN2Z, this fridge as a stainless steel door.

It comes with 4 wood trim shelves that pull out to easily display your bottles. Intelligent humidity and temperature control, carbon filter, multi-airflow fan to keep cool air evenly distributed throughout the cabinet, cold LED lighting, and triple layer low-E coated tempered glass door are all added features to protect your wine from becoming expensive vinegar!

With 2 separate temperature zones, you can keep different wine varietals at their individual ideal serving temperatures, all in one fridge.

Keep your wine safe - always ready to serve.

The cooler is freestanding with no plumbing or professional installation required. A flat surface and a standard power outlet is all you need.

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Technical Specifications:

Upper zone temperature:5-12 ℃

Lower zone temperature: 12-18℃

Suitable climate (room temperature): 16 - 43℃

Temperature zones: Double zone

Capacity: 105 bottles* (205L)

Shelving: 4 steel shelves with wooden trim (label holder)

Door: Right hinged, black frame and stainless steel handle, triple layer glass door (glass, tempered glass, low-E coating)

Display panel: Touch control

Lighting: Internal LED

Noise: 43dB (library)

Dimensions: 54.5cm (W) x 60cm (D) x 124.4cm (H)

Net weight: 44kgs

Cooling system: Compressor


*Capacity noted is maximum capacity using a Bordeaux size bottle.

Specification sheet


Dual Zone for more pleasure

LeCavist wine cooler with 2 separate temperature zones, you can keep different wine varietals at their individual ideal serving temperatures, all in one fridge. This wine cooler has adjustable temperature settings, so you can customize the temperature for each zone to suit your needs. It also comes with a digital touchpad control panel, making setting the temperature and monitoring it easy. LeCavist has designed a wine cooler for storing white and red wines at the same time at the best sutable temperature.

LED Lighting

LeCavist wine cooler has cold LED light which shows all your available wines and gives you elegant classic style. The wine fridge is the best light bulb to save energy

High quality beech wood trim

LeCavist wine cooler has specifically designed high quality wood trim and a unique humidity and temperature control system that allows you to store your wine at the ideal temperature, no matter what the climate. It also features adjustable shelves and racks, so you can customize the interior for different types of bottles. The exterior is made of a high-quality stainless steel, making it easy to maintain. The dual-zone design also allows you to store both white and red wines at the same time.

Smart sensor and integrated door hinge

LeCavist wine cooler has 24 hours continuous detection of internal temperature and humidity changes. The wine fridge has a 180-degree door rotation with an auto-locking system for convenient beverage retrieval. It also has a UV-protected glass door to protect your wine from harmful UV rays. The electronic temperature control will keep the temperature between 5-20 degrees Celsius. And the compressor cooling system will keep the wine at an optimal temperature. The double-layer glass door also helps to maintain a steady temperature and humidity level.

Low noise and Low viblation

LeCavist wine cooler has shock absorbing plate reduse noise. It also has vibration reducer and noise insulator to reduce noise.

3 layer tempered glass door

A LeCavist wine fridge with 3-layer tempered glass doors means that the doors of the fridge are made from three layers of glass that have been treated with a special heat-treating process. This process makes the glass stronger and more resistant to damage than regular single-layer glass. The three-layer tempered glass also helps to keep the temperature of the fridge more stable.

Generous storage

LeCavist wine fridge has four shelves with wood trim on the edge, providing a large enough surface area to store a significant amount of wine bottles and display 105 bottles of your collection. The wine cooler has dual zones, stianless steel frame, stainless steel handle and four shelves with wood trim.

Smart choice

The LeCavist wine fridge with automatic temperature control means that it is equipped with a self-regulating system that can adjust the temperature inside the fridge to keep it at a certain level. This ensures that your wine is stored at the perfect temperature, preserving its flavor and keeping it in the best condition possible.

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Dale McNeill

All good at the moment no issues

John Preston

Great service

Vincent Feeney

Great size and flexibility combined with a simple elegance….

Byron Flowers

Fantastic fridge. Amazing value and looks great